Out of the Deep and Other Stories from New Zealand and the Pacific

Compiled by Tessa Duder & Lorraine Orman, illustrated by Bruce Potter

By Anthony Holcroft: The Ghost Tree

Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd: 
Auckland NZ, 2007

ISBN 1869780159

This anthology, which showcases leading New Zealand and Pasifika writers, was commissioned to mark International Children's Book Day on 2 April 2007. It includes Anthony Holcroft’s “The Ghost Tree”, which was subsequently published in his story collection The Ghost Tree and Other Eerie Tales in 2009.

The Ghost Tree

Of “The Ghost Tree”, Anthony Holcroft writes, “While reading a book on plant folklore, I discovered a paragraph about enchanted cabbage trees that moved from place to place. I began to stalk these trees through the elusive pathways of cabbage tree folklore, and ‘The Ghost Tree’ was the result.”