Redbeard’s Kingdom

By Anthony Holcroft,
illustrated by Timothy Ide

Omnibus Books: Adelaide, Australia, 1991
Scholastic Publications Ltd: UK, 1996

ISBN 1862911045

Redbeard is greedy for power and land, and after he has conquered the kingdom of his brother, Blackbeard, he becomes even greedier. Everything must belong to him! He is angered when he sees a bird feeding on the grain in his wheat field, and infuriated when a stray cat steals his lunch. Finally, when a bee stings him on his royal finger, he seeks a way of punishing all the birds, cats and bees in his kingdom ...

Reader comment

“I have just read ‘Redbeard’s Kingdom’. It is now in my good book collection. I like books that have fear in it, like on page 18 which had a giant black monster that ate the king’s lunch bag. I would like to thank the Illustrator Timothy Ide for the good pictures in the story. Can you please write back and tell me if you’re going to write another book.”

Shaun, South Australia