The Night Bees

By Anthony Holcroft,
illustrated by Timothy Ide

University of Queensland Press: Queensland Australia, 1995

ISBN 0702226696

A collection of seven stories with traditional folktale themes, set for the most part in wild and lonely places of the New Zealand landscape, where the earth spirits emerge to weave their magic over the lives of those who dwell there. This collection also features two homely little tales about Seven Somethings and a beetle who wanted to see the world.


The Seven Somethings
The Night Bees
The Tramp
The Girl in the Cabbage Tree
What the Youngest Beetle Saw
Rosie Moonshine

Reader comment

“Anthony Holcroft ... weaves a simple and magical spell that storytellers will find hard to ignore. This certainly is a book that will capture the imagination of Primary age students and one that teachers could wrap whole programmes around.”

Radio Reviews, ABC, NSW Australia (10 April 1995)