Stay Loose, Mother Goose!

Compiled by Sue Machin,
illustrated by Jane Disher

By Anthony Holcroft: The Seven Somethings; The China Teacup

Omnibus/Puffin: Norwood, Aust, 1990

ISBN 0140345140

This is a superb collection of New Zealand bedtime stories, poems, and lullabies. The anthology includes Anthony Holcroft’s “The Seven Somethings”, which also appears in his collection The Night Bees, and "The China Teacup", which was subsequently published in a picture book edition in 1994, illustrated by Philip Webb.

The Seven Somethings

A family of seven “somethings” have lived for years in a corner of a dusty rubbish dump. They are very sad because they have no idea who they are, or what they are for. No one has told them. So one day they set out on a journey to find out ...

The China Teacup

Two tiny folk, Sam and Emily Broggins, take up residence in a goldfinch’s nest in an apple orchard. They are very happy in their snug little home, until suddenly one morning Mrs Broggins announces she is tired of living in a nest, and sets out to find the house of her dreams — a china teacup.